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Winter Fly Fishing on The Madison River(Ennis Montana)


Winter fly fishing on the Madison river is a blast. The cold temps and frigid water make for very challenging conditions. From cold hands, to frozen guides on my rod. The fish are very willing to eat a variety of nymphs.

The Madison river from 8 mile fishing access all the way to Ennis lake is Gorged(FULL OF ICE). I decided to fish the Madison river near Three Dollar bridge and down by the West fork of the Madison.

Other than the cold the fishing is very enjoyable and productive. The trout where hitting a variety of nymphs from rubber legs, midges, san juan worm, and cooper johns. Look for very slow pools(which is hard to find on the madison) and nymph these wholes presciently. The trout are very lethargic and slow. Be very patience with your presentation.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article. Their will be many more like this. Don't forget spring is right around the corner.


  • Pats Rubber legs black #8-12

  • Rainbow Warrior- #16

  • Copper John #14-16

  • San Juan Worm #10-12

  • Zebra midges #18-22

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