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Madison River 3/28/17

The Madison River fished very well over the weekend. The fish were holding in large runs, on the ends of runs, mixing water, and the tail outs of slow water. The fish were a little picky. They ate a large assortment of nymphs, but you really had to work the water to get them to bite. Focus on being prescient in each and every whole you fish. Try to read the water and seek out the little seams where the fish are holding. Also, let the trout see the fly, be patient and cast a lot.

From Quake lake down to Pine butte is fishing very well. From Pine Butte to Varney can be hit or miss but will be good soon. Varney to town is productive with many fish caught in the same water as described above.

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Rainbow Warriors- 14-16

San Juan- 6-10

Pyshco Nymph- 14-18

Olive Streamers- 2-6

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