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Streamer Rod

Streamers have become an obsession just look at our social media. This article is about my personal streamer rod and why I use it.


Rod, Reel, & Line

The setup consists of a 9'6 7wt Winston B-III-X, Hatch 5 plus, and Scientific Anglers Sonar Line.

Rod-The 9'6 7wt Winston B-III-X is a great rod. It loads slow and can handle a mini-dungeon to a triple butt monkey. It has a stiff backbone and can handle any trout in North America. The grip feels nice and the fighting butt is very helpful. Also, the length of the rod helps cast a little farther but doesn't hinder the rod in small side channels. It can unload its energy too quickly if you aren't proficient with the rod.

Reel- The Hatch 5 plus can pick up line fast, fight fish, and has a drag that can break you fly line(I have done this by accident). The reel feels very good in the hand and looks very nice. The finish resists scratches, drops, and other trauma you can dish out to it. It has a sealed drag and is made of aluminum. The reel runs about $400 for the Generation 1 and $550 for Generation 2. This is the only reel that I have never had a problem with.

Line-I use Scientific Anglers Sonar sink tip. I choose sink 4 which equates to 5.25ips which for the Madison River is plenty good. Sometimes when I'm fishing small runs or holes this line can be a little too much sink. To me, fly line is all about what works for you. I just switched from Rio Intouch that actually snapped on me. I'm not very well versed in all of the different fly lines but his line has been great. It feels a little heavier on the rod which helps throw lighter streamers and load with less line out.


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